MK Executive Travel

terms and conditions

For all airport collections we will require the flight number and arrival time/terminal in order for us to monitor the flight for any delays etc. You must allow sufficient time when booking your transport to allow for the check-in times required by your airline and for any delays caused by traffic conditions. MK Executive Travel shall not be responsible for any delay caused by your failure to allow enough time to reach your destination or if the passengers are not ready for collection at the booked time. We cannot however be held responsible for any misinformation supplied by either the client or our sources of flight information. Should you be held up in baggage re-claim longer than one hour we ask that you contact us to make us aware in order for us to let the driver know. Waiting time is free for the first 30 minutes (for airport pick ups only) after this time waiting time is charged at 0.30p per minute. Any additional parking/waiting is chargeable to the client.

We will also require a mobile contact number of the person who is travelling. An estimation of the amount of luggage is required on holiday bookings so we can supply the correct sized vehicle.

Note, in certain circumstances beyond our control (e.g. breakdowns etc.) the company reserves the right to supply an alternative vehicle of a similar specification. Prices quoted are the price you pay (subject to any additional parking/waiting/congestion charges or deviations from the original booking etc).

Should a client ‘no show’ the booking, the client will be invoiced for the total amount of the fare. Cancellation will require a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the arranged pick up time. All cancellations made within the notice period will not incur a penalty charge. A penalty of 50% of the fare will be charged for late cancellations. For corporate clients, cancellation in the 24 hour period will incur a penalty charge of the full amount of the journey cost.

MK Executive Travel will not carry more passengers than its insurance or licensing allows. You shall be responsible for the behaviour of all passengers in the car during the whole journey. A charge of £50.00 will be levied to cover the cleaning costs in the event that the vehicle is soiled by any passenger. Eating, drinking and smoking is never permitted in any of our vehicles.

All luggage and personal possessions are carried entirely at your own risk. MK Executive Travel excepts no responsibility for any car seats, and they are left entirely at the owners risk.